Ever thought about subdividing?

Do you have a large section, lifestyle block or farm that has the potential to be subdivided? Across the country, land is at a premium. So if you are fortunate enough to own your home, and it has a bigger section than you need, one way of
capitalising on it's value, is to subdivide.

The process of subdividing can feel a little nerve-wracking and taking on such a large project without experience or expertise can be intimidating. At Summit Homes, we take away the hassle and stress, and guide you seamlessly through the process.

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Get the most out of your section.

Build to Sell

Subdivide and build, then sell the new home and section to help pay off your mortgage.

Build to Rent

Build a new home on your section and generate rental income.

Profit From Your Land

Remove your current home, subdivide and build several homes to rent or sell in it's place.

New For You

Build yourself a new home on your section and then keep, sell, or rent your existing home.

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Friends look after friends at Summit! Ben and Linda talk about the process that has helped them make mates for life with the team helping them throughout the build.

- Ben & Linda

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