Waikato's growing town of Pokeno


The small town of Pokeno, on the outskirts of Auckland, has quickly become a hotspot for housing, investment, and business. It may be considered a rural town, but boy is it growing!

The township is located in the Waikato region, just alongside the Waikato Expressway - one of the town’s key advantages in its growth and development. Because of the expressway’s linkage between Auckland, Hamilton, and towns further south, Pokeno has experienced a whole lot of growth - and there’s more to come.

With the increasing hype around Pokeno, there’s been an influx of businesses choosing Pokeno for their next venture. From a new dairy factory, to a new supermarket coming soon to the area, there’s expected to be an increase in local jobs, which will also lead to more people moving into Pokeno. 

With the new Hitchen Road bridge now complete, it links two massive housing sections together - the Helenslee and Hitchen blocks. Pokeno Village Estate says the crossing will allow greater access to over 800 sections throughout the Hitchen/Bartell blocks.

The current population is at around 2000 residents, but is expected to increase to a population between 5000 and 7000 in the next 10-15 years. The town’s continuous growth is undeniable.

Pokeno is perfect for those wanting a balanced city-rural life, as with its reasonable house prices, locals can still commute to the city while still living the rural Kiwi lifestyle.

So if you’re looking for a new home, or are interested in investing in property in Pokeno, chat to us today!



Waikato's growing town of Pokeno