Top 3 advantages of buying your home in New Zealand

Owning a home is a dream for many New Zealanders. While some regions throughout the country are more affordable than others, it’s no secret that buying a home here means you’ll have to dig deep into your pockets. The costs that come with buying your first home can be overwhelming, but for most, the pros far outweigh the cons.

Read on for the top 3 advantages of buying your own home!

1. More stability

Home ownership brings with it a sense of security and stability. As a tenant, you won’t have much control over your home, and are more or less at mercy of your landlord. They could decide to hike up the rent or evict you at any time. Whereas, as a homeowner you’ll feel more at ease, knowing that as long as you keep up with mortgage repayments, your home will always be there.

2. More freedom

When you’re renting, you’re usually not allowed to make any big changes to the property. As a homeowner, however, you’re free to make any changes your heart desires! Always wanted a feature wall in your living room? Or even bright yellow tiles in your bathroom? Go for it! As the homeowner, the choice is totally and completely up to you.

3. Capital gain

The most important benefit of all, is the increase in capital gain. Buying your own home means that your money is being invested in a valuable asset that you will one day own. On top of that, depending on New Zealand’s home loan interest rates and economic conditions, it’s highly possible that the value of your home will increase over the course of your ownership. According to Barfoot & Thompson figures, the price of an average three-bedroom Auckland home increased from $393,444 in 2005 to $726,209 in 2015!

Let us help you reap these benefits and make your move into the New Zealand housing market. Check out our house & land packages, or give us a call to chat more about how we can help.