Tips for building a home

If you’ve been thinking about building a home, there’s probably a million things going through your head right now. Where do I start? How do I allocate my budget? What are the costs? And there’s likely to be a lot more questions during your home building process.

While it can be an overwhelming process, we’ve made a note of some tips that can make building a home that bit easier.

1. Have a good idea of what your budget is

Start off your home building experience by knowing what your budget is. The last thing you want to do is agree to a home build that you simply can’t afford or allocating too little and missing out on important parts of your dream build. Get your ducks in a row and estimate your spend, and don’t overstretch your budget throughout the process.

2. Take unexpected costs into account

A lot of costs may not be included in your construction company’s baseline, so it’s best to plan for unforeseen circumstances. Such as extra costs to changed you want to make during your home’s construction, or unforeseen problems or repairs with the house. Allocating part of your budget to unexpected costs will help you stick to your estimated spend.

3. Think long and hard about your home design

Before selecting your home design, make sure it suits your and your family’s lifestyle right from the beginning of the process, and you can see yourself enjoying it just the same in the long term. Any changes you want to make after construction has been completed may incur extra costs.

4. Talk to your contractor about consents

Your building or construction company should have an understanding of local council regulations and consent applications. Have a chat to them about how long consents are likely to take and factor this in to your home building timeline. It’s important to

5. Keep yourself in the know

Good construction companies will keep you in the loop of the progress of your build. But if you feel like that’s lacking, arrange site meetings to keep yourself updated on the progress of your home. It’ll help give you peace of mind to know that everything is right on track.

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