The home building process with Summit Homes

Here at Summit Homes, we pride ourselves on making the home building experience easier than ever. From consent to turn key, we take care of the whole process. And that means ensuring we provide you with a home that fits your family’s lifestyle, wants, and needs.

Here’s some insight into our home building process!

1. We’ll figure out your wants & needs

First things first, we want to get to know you. The home we intend to build is all about what you want and need to live a comfortable and happy life in your brand new home. We’ll ask you questions, and you’ll ask us plenty - but the main goal of our first step in the home building process is to understand what type of home will suit your family best.

2. We help you select/create a layout plan that fits your family’s lifestyle

Now that we know a little more about you and your family, we can start selecting customisable layout plans to fit your family’s lifestyle. Whether you prefer having a larger kitchen, or need a play room for the kids - we can help you create a home that ensures your family can live in a space that’s built with them in mind.

3. Choose the colours, designs, and finishing touches of your new home

Once we’ve drawn up the layout plans for your new home, we’ll apply for building consent on your behalf. While we are waiting for the building consent to be issued, you can now start choosing colours for the internal and external parts of your new home. You can also start discussing your needs with our kitchen design consultant to help you design the kitchen of your dreams!

4. Construction begins

As soon as we get building consent, our construction process begins! Our builds generally take 10-12 weeks, to ensure we offer clients a new home without months of waiting time. While we’ll take care of the whole construction process, we will keep you fully informed of where we’re at, and will invite you for walk through’s around the home so you can see the building process yourself.

5. Final Inspection

After construction, plumbing, and the installation of all your finishing touches - your home is available for its final inspection. After 10-12 weeks of hard work from our team, you can finally start envisioning your life in your new home. This is where we can make any final touches to ensure your home is picture perfect for ‘move-in day’.

6. Welcome to your new home!

Once you’re happy with everything after the final inspection, our cleaning team will come in and leave your home shining! The Certificate of Code and Compliance can be issued, and the purchase of your home will be settled. It’s now time for us to hand the key over to you, and welcome you into your new home!

For more information on our home building process, get in touch, we love to chat!

The home building process with Summit Homes