The Bigger the Section, The Bigger the Yard

We’ve all dreamt about having that big house with the amazing backyard, swimming pool, maybe even a spa and a veggie patch.

The unfortunate truth is, being able to afford such a place in Auckland has become something that’s out of most people’s reach. Infact, section sizes in Auckland have shrunk over the years. Aucklanders’ sections are now more focused on increasing house sizes, forgoing the idea of a backyard at all.

Section sizes in Auckland vary, tending to start from about 200m2, making them almost fit for Tiny House living. However, if, that doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, small satellite cities such as Pokeno and Te Kauwhata can offer you bigger section sizes at more affordable prices.

Section sizes start at 600m2, three times the standard size of Auckland sections, giving you the opportunity to live in a beautiful home, and a beautiful backyard too.  You can have somewhere for the kids to play ball, your own garden, or even a little relaxing sanctuary for those tiresome days.

Here are a few benefits of having that extra space:

Privacy from neighbours

One of the most desirable features of having a big backyard is the privacy. You’ll be able to open up your blinds and windows without the worry of neighbours peeking in. It offers you a more pleasant acoustic living experience, without the sounds from neighbour’s parties or disturbing pets.

Room for a Pool, Patio or Other Outdoor Living spaces

You can create an extension of your living spaces by having an outdoor pool, patio, workshop, or garden. It's all up to you!

Play Area for Kids & Pets

If you’ve got kids or pets, having a large outdoor space is ideal. It may even make your life a lot easier! Nothing beats the ability to let your kids and pets roam free in the safety of your own backyard - and out of your hair.

Having a larger section gives you the room to create your ideal outdoor living space that works for you and your family.

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