New and affordable Subdivisions in Pokeno & Te Kauwhata

We’ve been seeing subdivision developments popping up all over Auckland to offer home buyers more affordable housing in areas that are experiencing a heap of growth.

These are locations where fast-track development of quality and affordable housing can take place. If you’re looking to move out of the central city, but still be close enough to the heart of Auckland, these subdivision developments may just be perfect for you and your family.

Here are a few pro’s for moving into a subdivision.

1. Peaceful lifestyle, without being too far from the city

Most of these developments are happening on the outskirts of Auckland - in locations that have experienced an immense amount of growth in the past few years, and are expected to grow even more. The reason being because people are wanting to move out of the city for more affordable housing. Home buyers are now opting for a more peaceful lifestyle that allows them to enjoy a quieter style of living, without being too far from the city.

2. It’s more affordable

One of the main reasons for the increase in subdivision developments is to combat the housing crisis in Auckland. House prices are at an all time high, which has caused a need for home buyers to search for homes further out of Auckland to find more affordable housing. The homes developed in subdivisions are much more affordable than homes in Auckland City.

3. New homes built with quality

Looking for the latest in warm, dry and sustainable homes? New subdivisions such as the ones in Te Kauwhata, Pokeno Village Estate and Swan Road  have the benefit of utilising the latest in home building technology, boast clever storage solutions, and offer easy-living layouts.

4. You can make substantial capital gains

If you buy early in a new subdivision that boasts a good location and has a reputable building company behind it, you could stand to make considerable gains when it comes time to sell it. People who have bought sections in Pokeno Village Estate 6 years ago have seen their properties increase in value by about 36%. Many subdivisions gain steadily in popularity as they grow, so you may be rewarded when it is time to move on.


Affordable Subdivisions with Summit Homes

Our homes in Pokeno, Te Kauwhata, Golf Links and Swan Road offer home buyers a taste of the rural lifestyle, without the hassle of being too far from the city centre. We focus on building quality homes that are affordable and built just right for each client.

To learn more about our subdivision properties, contact us today!