Is it time for you to make a move?

Are you trying to decide whether you should move into a new house? Moving can be disruptive, but it may be the best option, particularly if your decision is predicated on things you can’t change, such as:

The neighbourhood is declining or lacks amenities

If you currently own a home and your property is losing value, it may be a good idea to sell before prices decline even more.

And if you want amenities that your current neighbourhood doesn’t have, such as closer access to public transport, supermarkets, or walking distance to schools or other features - moving may be the only way to get it.

The public schools aren’t up to par

If you have school-aged children and aren’t satisfied with your local schools and don’t have the option or desire to send your kids to private schools - moving may make sense.

However, do explore other options before you decide to move solely for educational reasons. Some schools allow out-of-zone enrolments, or you may also be able to assign ‘educational custody’ to a family member who lives in a better school district in order to send your kids to those schools.

But if distance is the main problem for you, moving may just be your best bet.

You don’t want to overbuild

If your house is already one of the higher-priced properties in your neighbourhood, you may not want to invest in additional upgrades that make it more ‘oversized’ for the area. In simple terms, the input may not be worth the output. Especially if you plan to sell later, renovating or adding now may cost you more than you can recover in a sale.

You can’t expand

If your kids are growing up, or your family is expanding, you might find that your house just isn’t big enough anymore. You may want to extend or add a room or two, however in most cases, there just isn’t enough land space to do so. You might find it easier to move than to tackle creative building options or wait for council paperwork for approval.

The Geography is all wrong

Got a new job half way across the city, and the commute is starting to drive you crazy? Perhaps you have a far-away family member in need of your help, and you want to move closer to give them the help they need?

Or maybe you’ve decided the area just isn’t the right fit for you and your family.

In cases like these, it’s probably time for you to move.

Your home is too big

If you’ve raised your children, and you’ve finally got them out of the house - you may be thinking of downsizing. That two-storey house with 4-5 bedrooms may be too big for you now, so a smaller home may be a much better fit with your new life and planned pursuits.

If you’re starting to realise that it is time for you to make that move, let us help you ease the transition. Chat with us about finding the right home for you, to make your next move your best move.