Choosing the right house plan for you and your family

Whether you’re building a new house, or simply renovating, it’s important to choose a house plan that fits the lifestyle of you and your family.

There are a lot of things to think about when selecting the right house plan, and we know it can be overwhelming! But to make things a little easier, here are some important things to consider when choosing the right house plan.

Does it fit your family’s living needs?

Your living needs will differ depending on which stage your family is currently in. A newlywed couple looking to build a new home will have a completely different house plan compared to a family with three kids.

So it’s important to think about where your family is currently at, and what you see in your future. For example if you’re newly married and are looking for a house, do you have plans to start a family? How many, if so?

Or if you’re a family with young children, you may need to think about their living needs as they become teenagers. You may quickly find out that you’re better off selecting a house plan that accounts for your future plans.

A house plan should fit in with what your family needs right now, as well as what you see for the near future.

What are your privacy needs?

If privacy from your neighbours is extremely important to you, think about a house plan that allows for private outdoor space. Your builder will help you with options, and they may suggest a house design with an L or U shape, as it provides you with more privacy.

Placement of windows is also an important factor to consider here. You don’t want your neighbours to have perfect views into your home, do you? Check your house plan to see if the positioning of your windows provide you with adequate privacy.

You’ll also want to start thinking about how you plan to use your outdoor spaces. If you’d like a deck, patio, or pool, you’ll need to make sure they are positioned in a way that gives you privacy, or that you can plan for landscaping to add more privacy to your home.

Is it functional for your needs?

Make sure rooms are located in functional areas that fit with your needs. For example, where would you prefer the laundry room to be located? And where do you prefer the pantry to be in the kitchen?

If you have any hobbies or interests, do you need to think about any extra rooms or space to enjoy them?

If you’re into pottery, or art, you may want to include a workroom. Or if you work from home, you might want to think about including a home office.

Ensure your home fits the lifestyle of each person in the family.

Does it account for furnishings and aesthetics?

Another important thing to think about when looking at house plans is whether it will fit existing or new furniture you plan to have in your new home. You’ll need to consider how you will arrange furniture within the rooms when planning their sizes. How do you want to layout your lounge areas? And how will the room flow into other rooms?

If you’re bringing in furniture you already have, measure their sizes to ensure there will be enough walking space around the furniture, and that it won’t block doors or windows in the new house plan.

With these things in mind, it’ll be easier to choose a house plan that works with what your family needs, and the lifestyle you want to lead in your new home.

And just remember to enjoy the process! While it can be overwhelming, building a new home is an exciting process, and when you choose the right builders to help you along the way, the process becomes a whole lot easier.

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