Auckland’s small town of Drury to get a brand new town centre

Auckland’s small town of Drury is about to get a brand new town centre! While the town has already experienced a massive amount of growth recently, that growth is expected to continue in the next few years.

 Drury is only a 30 minute drive from Auckland’s city centre, and is considered to be one of Auckland’s fastest growing regions. Along with Pukekohe, Pokeno and Te Kauwhata - these southern Auckland towns are on the come-up and are forecasted to grow immensely in the years to come.

 Kiwi Property - the company who owns the Sylvia Park shopping centre - is planning to create a new town centre in the heart of Drury to support its rapid growth.

 The company’s development manager, Liz Davidson, has said their planning is in its initial stages, and they are now calling the public to share their thoughts and visions of the project. Kiwi Property have organised multiple public engagement events throughout April in Drury, Pukekohe, and Papakura to give the people of the area a chance to meet the Kiwi Property team and share what they think is important to have in their future town centre.

Check out this Auckland Council announcement to see when and where these public engagements will take place.

 One thing Kiwi Property does know, is that public transport is crucial when thinking about developing a town centre. Davidson continued to explain how important it is, “We know that town centres supported by quality public transport have the ability to attract better retailers and commercial tenants, which is great for the community’s long-term economic stability, and also provides quality transport for commutable communities”.

 With such major developments happening in the area, it not only benefits the people of Drury, but the surrounding suburbs and towns. With a new town centre comes new jobs, new opportunities, new homes and a heap of economic growth.

It’s looking like Auckland’s southern towns are continuing to grow more and more every year!

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Auckland’s small town of Drury to get a brand new town centre