5 tips for selling your home during the holidays

Are you stressing about selling your home this holiday season? While many people try to avoid selling their homes during this time of year, it may be that you don’t have any choice in the matter. Homes are still on the market, and there are often buyers at this time of the year that just want to settle on a house ASAP.

So if you’re selling your home these holidays, here are 5 tips to ensure your sale goes a little more smoothly.

1. Find a reliable real estate agent

Hire a real estate agent that you know will have your back. Someone who will work hard for you and won’t disappear during Christmas or New Year’s. Ask friends and family for recommendations on agents they’ve had a good experience with. Look out for an agent that is willing to go above and beyond to get your home sold. Knowing that you’re in good hands will help ease your stress and give you more time to enjoy the season.

2. Do a little holiday decorating - but don’t overdo it!

Staging your home for the holiday season is a great way to get into the holiday spirit, and get your buyers excited about the property. But remember to keep it tasteful - less is definitely more in this case. No need to go all out on the tinsel and glitter.  Having too many adornments can crowd your home and distract buyers. But just that little touch of Christmas spirit can go a long way at your home viewings.

3. Price it right

Generally, buyers at this time of year are extra motivated to secure a new home, and aren’t interested in spending too much time in negotiations. You, as a seller, are probably similarly motivated. Now is not the best time to be ambitious with your pricing. Do some research on pricing and consult with your real estate agent about the best price for your home.

4. Create a knockout online listing

Today’s buyers do the majority of their house hunting online. Make sure your online listing is full of high-quality photos that show off your home’s selling points. Take photos of the best parts of your house, and take into account lighting and angles. Including a video tour can also be a great way to showcase the house for those who can’t make the viewings.

5. Seek out motivated buyers

Anyone house hunting during the holidays must have a good reason for doing so. Work with your agent to target buyers on a deadline and those that want to move ASAP. Targeting the right people may help you sell your home much faster, leaving you to enjoy the rest of the holidays in peace.

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