5 Benefits of House & Land Packages

House & Land packages give you the best of both worlds - the opportunity to buy a newly built home, as well as the land on which it’s built. If you aren’t quite sure why you should consider it as an option, let us fill you in.

Here are our top 5 benefits of a House & Land Package:

1. It simplifies the process

Its number one benefit in our opinion - it makes the home building and buying process so much simpler! You won’t have to look for land yourself, and the package will include a home design that’s best suited for the section.

2. It allows you to create a home suited to your needs

You have the opportunity to either pick from a set design plan, or have the freedom to create a unique home suited to your lifestyle. When you purchase a house & land package with Summit Homes, you can work with our design team to build a home that caters to what you and your family needs.

3. It can save you money

Building a brand new home gives you the comfort of knowing that the house is in its best possible condition from the start. It’ll minimise maintenance problems, saving you the money and time needed to deal with them.

4. It gives you immediate capital gain

Once the house is ready and complete, in most circumstances you’ll receive immediate capital gain. This is because the land has now been developed to its highest and best possible use.

5. It has higher resale appeal

Yes, you’ve just bought a new house & land package, and are probably wanting to live in it for a good number of years - but it’s worth thinking about the day you may end up selling it. Being a newly built home, with the latest fixtures and features, it’s going to be much more desirable to buyers when (and if) you decide to sell.

House & Land packages offer you control over the design of your new home, with the convenience of having a good piece of land, all in one package.

If you’re wanting to look for one yourself, check out our range of House & Land packages we have to offer.